World’s largest (10 MW) Bifacial Rooftop Installation from Sunpreme under final completion

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Smart inside, sleek outside


Bifacial HCT Platform


Quality that Lasts


High Performance without Cost Penalty

Solar Panel Applications

Sunpreme offers complete solar energy solutions for numerous applications. By controlling the entire manufacturing process, we ensure the highest quality solar panels no matter the implementation.

Commercial Ground

Sunpreme’s patented, bi-facial solar panels produce more electricity per acre of land than any other solar technology.

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Commercial Rooftop

Sunpreme’s bi-facial panels generate electricity from both sides of the panel boosting the system’s power by up to 20%.

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Residential Rooftop

Sunpreme’s high-efficiency solar panels produce the most energy per square foot on the home’s roof-top.

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Tropical Rooftop

Sunpreme’s panels are built to withstand costal salt-spray and wind speeds over 185mph during tropical storms.

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Sunpreme’s Mission

“To grow a global business around our super-green SmartSilicon® solar technology with a game-changing Moore’s Law driven cost-performance leadership, thereby making a major impact on the clean energy eco-system.”

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