Sunpreme Launches an Outstanding Leading Industry Product and Power Warranty for its Bifacial PV Panels – Enhancing its Reach to Global Markets

Designed for Superior Lifetime Yields and Safest Long-Term Energy Investments – for Residential, Commercial and Utility Customers

SAN FRANCISCOJan. 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Sunpreme, Inc., a US-based solar photovoltaic company that designs and manufactures its own cells, advanced solar panels, and systems, announced the launch of its upgraded warranty that guarantees 15 Years of Product Manufacturing and 30 Years of Power Production. This warranty is in line with Sunpreme’s confidence that their products are able to withstand extreme weather including heavy snow loads, high wind speeds, sand storms, salt mist, humidity, wide-ranging temperatures, fire tests and panel aging.

The new warranty ensures Sunpreme Bifacial Solar Panels deliver superior lifetime yields of electricity and savings, helping make solar one of the safest long-term energy investments for businesses all over the world. Sunpreme panels are designed and certified with the highest quality components and extensive testing programs – up to 6 times international standard. Furthermore, these panels have successfully passed severe test conditions conducted by the University of Wisconsin at their Physical Sciences Laboratory. The company guarantees at least 97.5% power level for the first five years and 85% power level after 30 years compared to conventional solar panels which guarantee only 80% after 25 years.

“Sunpreme represents everything we look for in a premier product, providing superior lifetime yields over conventional solar panels and proven field product reliability for our customers. Sunpreme Bifacial Panels have been a perfect fit for several applications such as the MLK School in Cambridge, MA as it offered higher energy production in a limited space with proven product reliability and an outstanding warranty for a long-term investment,” said Stuart Rentz, CivicSolar’s President.

“We are excited to announce this major milestone. It validates our design and materials strategy for Bifacial double glass panels with our proprietary HCT cells. The result is an extreme durability combined with outstanding Quality, including best-in-class aesthetics,” said Ashok K Sinha, Sunpreme’s Chairman and CEO. “We once again demonstrate our continued commitment to provide PV products globally with the highest Quality and Reliability, both backed by a truly superior warranty,” added Sinha.

“Sunpreme bifacial smart solar panels are an industry game changer offering our customers with a world-class product backed by this outstanding industry-leading warranty,” said Surinder S. Bedi, Executive Vice President for Global Quality & Reliability, System Products and Market Development at Sunpreme. “At Sunpreme, we are proud to not only offer innovative designed solutions, but also to ensure their longevity and safest long-term energy investments when customers choose Sunpreme over other panels. With bifacial double glass panels, fire class rating A, integrated optimizer, industry leading temperature coefficient and stringent testing up to 6 times international standard — Sunpreme has invested heavily in panel design, with expected useful life exceeding 30 years. Our proven field performance is validated by CivicSolar and many customers globally – with a compelling LCOE and superior lifetime yield,” added Bedi.

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About Sunpreme, Inc.
Headquartered in California, Sunpreme is a global solar photovoltaic company that designs, develops, and manufactures its innovative bifacial double glass panels utilizing a proprietary Hybrid Cell Technology (HCT), with efficiencies from 21.8% to 24%. These panels deliver the best cost performance value and outstanding warranty to clean-tech customers. Sunpreme’s Bifacial, Smart optimized panels are among the world’s most powerful, with STC outputs ranging from 310 to 510W before the bifacial boost, with superior product reliability and environmental stewardship. Sunpreme was ranked among the top three performers in the entire global PV market, and has won 7 of the top 10 rankings among thin-film PV products. Sunpreme solutions are deployed in 28 countries around the world. For more information, please visit