Carport Application

More Electricity per Area than Conventional Solar Panels

Solar carports have quickly become a popular solar system for K-12 schools, municipalities, and corporate parking lots for reducing electricity costs and environmental impact.  With area being a premium on these structures, Sunpreme’s high efficiency bi-facial modules produce more electricity than any other solar technology.  The two-sided solar module produces clean electricity from the light reaching the top and reflecting from the bottom of the carport.  Due to its all-glass construction, Sunpreme’s solar modules are rugged against wind, snow, hot, and humid environments.  The sleek, transparent solar module gives any structure a visual statment of a preimum, clean energy system.

Application Specifics

  • Application: Carport Roof-Top
  • Region: All Regions
  • Module Type: GxB-300-370W, 60-72 Cell


  • Patented,bi-facial, solar panels generates up to 22% efficiency (20W/sqft) with 20% additional power from the backside
  • Double glass construction withstands windy conditions
  • Frameless transparent design provides a high-end appearance

Energy Advantage

SUNPREME bi-facial panel generates up to 17% more energy yield than conventional (mono-facial) solar modules with improved temperature and backside performance.

Bangalore, India

  • System Size: 10kW
  • Commission Date: July 2013

Sunnyvale, California

  • System Size: 9.6kW
  • Commission Date: 2014