Case Studies

Over the past 3 years, we have emerged as the leading provider of highly regarded premium Bifacial PV modules. With over 50 MW of Bifacial PV installed base spread around the world, we look forward to continued rapid growth in this leading edge market segment. The best benefits of Bifacial product are seen on flat, white commercial roof tops located in sophisticated urban settings. Here we have seen 10-15% greater energy production, pleasing world-class aesthetics and lower costs that favorably compare against commodity modules. Not much behind are ground mount power plants where our Duo configuration provides up to 20% additional energy yield without having to go to trackers, while avoiding inverter design tradeoffs due to mid-day clipping. Then, for naturally sloped  residential roof tops, we have gotten great customer and neighbor compliments for superior aesthetics, higher power ratings, hence fewer modules and lower BOS (Balance of Systems)  plus installation costs.

To illustrate above differentiators, we are proud to present 12 case studies covering all three market segments. Each of these case studies includes customers’ care-abouts and expressions of their delight with the total solution.

University of Nations | Kona Hawaii

Raising an energy-aware generation

Rooftop (Commercial) | Size: 226KW | GxB 360W

The University of Nations located in Kona, Hawaii is a professional commercial project that helped us earn our place in the sun — installing our systems in a University will potentially lead to the awareness of clean, renewable energy in young students who attend the Kona campus.

The Situation

The customer was looking for a commercial rooftop solution with high visibility for maximum energy harvest, with an emphasis on aesthetics. This was a big challenge for the University owing to the weather conditions and dust from active volcanoes on Hawaii’s Big Island. Traditional panels get corroded as a result of volcanic particles from active volcanoes. This explained the need for frameless modules.

Some of the key factors in the decision-making process included frameless modules, IEC certification, excellent temperature coefficient, and high wind rating.

The Solution

The customer was looking for a solar system that was a good fit for Kona’s corrosive environment.

Sunpreme filled their need by offering:
• Frameless modules to withstand the harsh weather conditions
• IEC 61701 certification
• Excellent temperature coefficient
• High wind rating

The vog (microscopic particles stuck in the upper layer of the atmosphere from the active volcanoes common in Big Island, HI) along with rain cause a build-up of sulfuric acid on the module frame. Frameless modules are the perfect solution to overcome this huge challenge.


The Sunpreme system passed the requirements with ying colors. Sunpreme’s frameless modules took care of the high-humidity and high dust environment.

The 226 KW commercial rooftop installation took two months and the results have shown a signi cant reduction of soiling in Kona’s harsh environment as compared to traditional CSI panels.

The results were nothing short of spectacular.
With Sunpreme’s system, they were able to achieve the results they were looking for with the use of frameless modules, IEC 61701 certi cate, excellent temperature coe cient, and high wind rating.


“Typically, Kama’aina Solar Solutions prefer to work directly with module manufacturers. While searching for a high-e ciency module with a great temperature coe cient, we discovered Sunpreme. This direct relationship with Sunpreme has been highly valuable for us. They have been very professional, easy to work with, and very responsive. Kama’aina Solar Solutions is proud to be the rst contractor on Oahu and Big Island to install Sunpreme.”

– Matt Cosbie, Kama’aina Solar Solutions

Jacobs Halls, UC Berkeley | Berkeley, CA

UC Berkeley Design Institute Goes Solar &

Creates a New Benchmark

Rooftop | Size: 50KW | GxB 300W

Jacobs Hall is the brand new home for University of California, Berkeley’s Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation in the College of Engineering. The building was built to embody the values of the institute itself: “a place to explore, a place to connect and a place to learn design innovation by doing design innovation.” Now, it has an advanced bifacial solar PV solar system,
too. The cutting edge solar system with Sunpreme Bifacial PV panels will do more than just help the Institute control its electricity bills — it will provide environmental benefit of having PV solar installed and is on track to receive one of the highest levels of LEED Certification for a green building.

The Situation

Sunpreme’s innovative technology and pleasing aesthetics stood out when the Institute weighed in its options.

The Solution

Not surprisingly, the cutting edge technology of the double glass, frameless solar panels played a major role in the selection process.

With such installations, Sunpreme is spearheading the transformation of PV solar installations from purely utilitarian function to artistic roof-top designs that add beauty to the function.

This system is expected to not only help the Institute reduce its electricity bills and save money, but also reduce carbon emissions by 500 tons of carbon dioxide over the next 25 years.


The site generated over 100 Megawatt hours of energy since its commissioning.


“We chose Sunpreme bifacial PV panels for their double glass technical solution, proven product reliability and outstanding aesthetics. Sunpreme has demonstrated that it is a reliable partner with innovative and high quality products, and professional customer support.”

Andrew Birch, CEO Sungevity

Northeast Japan 

Japanese Company Puts the Bifacial Solution to Test &

The Results Are Astounding

Rooftop (Commercial) | Size: 500KW | GxB 300 SL

This project took on a unique approach. The client decided to test some panels from competitors on a demo site for a comparison. The results will blow your mind.

The Situation

When a leading office and consumer products company in Japan decided to add clean energy to their solutions portfolio, they took a unique approach to selecting the perfect solution. The company first ordered a large quantity of Sunpreme panels for a demo site North East of Tokyo, and also installed a small quantity of products from two leading Japanese companies and one Chinese supplier, for a true comparative analysis.

The Solution

They selected Sunpreme’s GxB 300SL for a 500KW commercial rooftop demo site and 20KW each from other Japanese and Chinese suppliers.

The panels were installed hugging the nearly horizontal roof, except for the Sunpreme Bifacial panels, which were tilted at a 15° angle, in accordance with Sunpreme’s recommended practice. The entire system installation was completed in December 2015.


On the very first month of deployment, a major storm came in from the Gobi Desert. The entire building (including all the 0° tilt panels) was coated in fine yellow sand, which led to a drastic loss of PV power from most panels. Only the 15° tilt bifacial panels withstood the storm without any loss or damage. The sand simply rolled down the frameless panel.

In the months following the storm (February through June, 2016), all other panels required extensive cleaning. The SNPM 15° panels did not require any of this costly and time-intensive maintenance.

Indeed, over the following months, the 15° tilt bifacial panels delivered 25 – 35% more energy in kWHr than other three competitors’ panels.


The customer said the Sunpreme bifacial 15° panels are “ichi-ban”, i.e. the First followed by Sunpreme bifacial 0° ,then by the two Japanese suppliers and then the leading Chinese supplier. They will continue the test for a total of one year. And in the mean time, closely evaluate the benefits of integrated optimizers for Tokyo based “Enterprise Roof-tops”.

Martin Luther King (MLK) School | Cambridge, MA



Making the Grade with Clean Energy

Roof Mount | Size: 600KW | GxB 370W

Solar panels have a huge impact on educational institutions, helping them save money on utility bills, create educational opportunities, and reduce their carbon footprint.

The Situation

When MLK School in Massachusetts, went searching for a solar panel solution, energy efficiency and conservation became the main factors in the decision-making process.

The Solution

They decided to use Sunpreme’s third generation, double glass, 370-watt bifacial solar panels with 21 string inverters, making this system one of the largest rooftop commercial PV installations in the state of Massachusetts with a target to generate over 700 Megawatt hours of clean, emission-free electricity.

The client was certain these were the only panels capable of meeting the energy production requirements within the constraints of available rooftop space, their budget, and timeframe.


As a result of the project, the school building has not only exceeded its energy conservation goals but is on track to achieve the prestigious LEED Platinum certification.

As for the energy output, the site has generated over 250 Megawatt-hours of power since commissioning in Q2 of 2016.


“There was only one panel capable of meeting the energy production requirements within the constraints of available rooftop space, budget and timeframe. Sunpreme provided astounding 370W bifacial panels with desirable power characteristics at the price tag – the school needed to accomplish its energy offset goals. Sunpreme panels come in with proven reliability and technical solutions.”

– Stuart Rentz, President of CivicSolar

Kauai, Hawaii

Eco-loving Island Resort Soaks up the Sun

Carport | Size: 112KW | GxB 300W

A small island resort in the middle of the Pacific is doing some big things for renewable energy, and we are excited to be a part be of it.

Owing to its location, Hawaii is confronted with electricity rates that are among the highest in the United States.

The resort in Kauai was seeking ways to reduce its operating costs as well as make a bold statement toward its commitment to Hawaii’s sustainability and environmental preservation.

The Situation

This project was a carport at the Islander resort in Kauai financed by Kairos Energy. They had been involved in another very successful project with Sunpreme commercial rooftops, which resulted in an energy boost of more than 10%.

The most important criteria that factored into their decision-making process were, energy per square foot, value over the long term, and aesthetics.

In their previous experience working on a project, which involved Sunpreme and SunPower, they were very impressed by the relative performance/cost analysis of Sunpreme’s systems.

The Solution

After carrying out a cost/benefit analysis, they were impressed by the performance versus cost results, where Sunpreme provided a higher energy gain. The frameless glass/glass solution was also very aesthetically compelling and had better longer term O&M cost. Therefore, Sunpreme systems met all of their most important requirements, namely, energy per square foot, value over the long term, and aesthetics.


The Sunpreme panels on a 112 KW carport installation at this resort hotel look brilliant. This has also helped position them as a ‘green resort.’

The resort is seeing better performance than projected, and the backside boost significantly exceeded their expectations, particularly over a black asphalt parking area.


“The Sunpreme panels on a carport installation at this resort hotel look great and enabled us to make a powerful statement regarding our commitment to the environment. The cost/benefit value of Sunpreme as compared to its alternatives allowed us to provide a very attractive PPA rate to the customer.”

– Kairos Energy, Kauai, Hawaii

Alvesta, Sweden

Sunpreme Helps Swedish Government Building

Achieve Environmental Goals

BIPV | Size: 80KW | GxB 360W

Sweden takes the global battle against climate change seriously. Besides moving to less carbon-intensive means of producing energy, efficiency has been a major focus in Sweden. So naturally the Swedish Government buildings need to be energy efficient and sustainable.

The Situation

The Government Building, Alvesta in Sweden is one such example. Their requirement was a unique, integrated solar installation to generate the maximum amount of energy.

The Solution

Installed in September 2015, the system design utilized Sunpreme’s GxB360 bifacial panels.


The double glass solar installation had pleasing aesthetics with premium bifacial performance. The site has generated over 50 Megawatt-hours of energy since commissioning.


“A unique and integrated solar installation that has double glass, pleasing aesthetics with premium bifacial performance. The system is reliable and cost effective with superior performance.”

-Andrea Molin, CEO at PPAM

Tampa, Florida

You can go green … and glamorous, too

Rooftop (residential) | Size: 11.9KW | GxB 350 /360W

When a customer was looking for an innovative rooftop solution for his home, he put Sunpreme to the ultimate test.

The Situation

In his quest for cutting edge technology, this savvy homeowner wanted a solar panel solution with a low-temperature power coefficient and higher power output, without compromising on aesthetics.

The Solution

Sunpreme installed an 11.9 KW residential rooftop for his home in Florida.

Sunpreme had to pass the test in three main areas:

1. Aesthetics. Since the panels were to be placed on the roof of his home, he definitely wanted something that would compliment the architecture of the house and its roof lines, not take away from it.

With its frameless thin panel design, Sunpreme came out shining.

2. A lower temperature power coefficient. When deciding to go solar, this is a feature that is often overlooked. However, it plays a critical role in enhancing the efficiency of the solar module, which translates into dollars as time goes by.

With the best temperature power coefficient, Sunpreme far exceeded the customer’s expectations.

3. Higher power output. More output per panel basically means you will need fewer panels.

This savvy customer was able to save more; yet get more value with Sunpreme.


The customer has had the Sunpreme system running for about 7 months now, with everything working smoothly and efficiently. It’s great when your customer is a raving fan … and even better when his neighbors compliment him on his brand new, bright, shining solar panels.


“The system is working beautifully… and I love how the solar panels are pleasing to the eye. My neighbors have complimented them; the solar panels look like they came with the house when it was originally built and lend a sophisticated, custom look to my home. I highly recommend Sunpreme; it has met and even exceeded my expectations.”

– Homeowner, Florida, USA

Los Angeles, California

Partners in High Quality Solar

Rooftop (residential) | Size: 10KW | GxB 310 SM

Polar Solar, a California-based installer of solar panels, offers high-quality installation of both residential and commercial rooftop panels.

The Situation

Polar Solar has been able to build a reputation with their customers and are trusted for their commitment to providing the highest quality of design and installation, backed by personalized customer service. Therefore, it was critical for Solar Polar to partner with the highest quality solar panels on the market.

Polar Solar was looking for high performance, premium quality solar panels with an optimizer and the ‘rapid safety shutdown’ feature. As a result of space constraints, they also needed to get a high wattage product.

The Solution

Polar Solar selected Sunpreme’s GxB310 Smart Bifacial panel as it had integrated Smart technology advantages.


The product has not only brought about design flexibility and reduced BOS cost but has also led to reduced installation time. Moreover, since both companies have a customer-centric approach, this partnership has led to a complete alignment of goals, making it a very successful collaboration.


“The partnership with Sunpreme is a game changer for Polar Solar, bringing world-class Smart Module with Bifacial advantage and an Integrated Optimizer. It allows us to bring industry leading performance that wasn’t previously accessible to our customers. We are excited to work with Sunpreme, especially because of their customer-driven culture of technical excellence and high-quality products. Their focus on high quality makes them a perfect fit for our business model.”

-Vernon Stratton, CEO at Polar Solar

New Jersey, USA

Roofs aren’t the only places for Sunpreme systems —
ground mounted systems have their own distinct advantages

Ground Mount | Size: 15 MW | GxB 360W

Based out of New Jersey, they were a first-time customer, and they decided to use Sunpreme’s bifacial frameless panels.

The Situation

The decision to utilize Sunpreme was based on leveraging the highest energy harvest in a utility grade installation.

The Solution

The decision process reviewed several other options, including mono-facial panels.

In the final evaluation, Sunpreme offered the highest energy harvest panels that clearly showed the long-term LCOE would be most attractive. Sunpreme worked very closely with the customer helping them design best practices to include installation optimization, including processes, procedures, and fixtures to help the installer be as efficient as possible..


The 12.8 MW installation project, which began in mid-2015 was commissioned in February 2016. Initial energy production numbers are showing the results expected with an 8-10% additional energy harvest. Different albedos will be evaluated to further maximize the energy harvest of the system.


”Sunpreme panels have performed better than expected. The Sunpreme team worked closely with our installation team to close the gap on installation times.”

Adesh Harripersad, Distributed Asset Solutions LLC

Barton, Vermont

Robust Solar Panels for Tough Weather Conditions

Ground Mount | Size: 2.62MW | GxB 350W

The Situation

When Essex Capital Partners, a Massachusetts-based developer of utility-scale solar projects, was looking for the perfect solar panel solution, one thing was clear: it had to be the best possible quality.

However, their requirements did not end here. As a result of space constraints and their location, they needed compact solar panels with the ability to withstand challenging weather and environmental conditions ranging from extreme cold, snow, and hail.

The Solution

Their search for a high performance, reliable and proven product with innovative technology came to an end with Sunpreme.

Sunpreme’s third generation, double glass solar panels with bifacial advantage were ideal as they reflected snow to provide bifacial energy gains.


Installed in the first quarter of 2015, this is the largest commercial PV installation in Vermont with a target to generate over 3.2 Gigawatt-hours of clean, emission-free electricity annually. This is enough to serve over 1,500 homes, while providing a centerpiece for their holistic approach to environmental stewardship.

As a result of this installation, the site has generated over 4.3 Gigawatt-hours of energy since commission. The solar panels have also remained robust, despite extreme weather conditions in Vermont.


“We selected Sunpreme PV panels because of their innovative technology and proven quality and reliability. Sunpreme demonstrated a reliable partnership with strong technical collaboration and professional customer support. Our relationship continues to grow.”

-Bob Grant, President Essex Capital Partners

Yasawa Islands, Fiji

Sunny Energy Prospects For Remote Fijian Resort

Ground Mount | Size: 140KW | GxB 300 /310W

A remote resort in the Yasawa Islands chain in Fiji, South Pacific was able to go solar with Sunpreme’s solar panel solution.

The Situation

The cost of electricity in tropical islands is among the highest in the world. This Fijian island resort was looking at going solar in a quest to fulfill its desire for renewable energy in a remote location several hours from the Fiji mainland.

But there are challenges inherent in these remote off-grid tropical locations, such as frequent cloud cover during the day, and annual natural calamities such as severe tropical cyclones.

The Solution

The resort found the perfect solution in the Automatiks off-grid Autonomous Power Supply (APS) system, which includes 140 kWp of Sunpreme 300 and 310-watt bifacial panels along with substantial battery energy storage and automated control of the local diesel generator. The system delivers economical, uninterrupted power day and night.

Automatiks leveraged Sunpreme’s solar panel technology to help the resort overcome issues associated with Fiji’s tropical climate. Sunpreme panels are mounted by Automatiks and their local partners with cyclone tolerant ground-mount and roof-mount systems.

Sunpreme’s patented, bifacial panel design produces the most electricity at the lowest costs in such an environment of relatively high temperatures and humidity. These modules provide substantial bifacial contribution both during clear and cloudy conditions.

Moreover, Sunpreme’s frameless, dual glass panel design is built to withstand salt spray and flying debris in marine climates and extreme wind speeds of over 185mph during tropical storms.


When Cyclone Winston, the strongest cyclone in recorded history for the South Pacific, hit the site in 2016, the solar panels were subjected to the ultimate test: wind gusts of over 185 mph (i.e. 300 km/h).

The Automatiks system and Sunpreme panels operated without interruption throughout the cyclone and the high winds and rain that followed, while neighboring sites using legacy solar modules were destroyed by the high winds and flying debris.


“The minimal damage and continuous operation of the system were a testament to the robust design of the APS and of the ruggedness of the Sunpreme PV modules. We are now working hard to help neighboring sites take advantage of this solution.”

– Steve Wollenberg, Co-founder and Vice President of Business Development for Automatiks

Charlotte, North Carolina

Bringing the Great Outdoors In With an Elegant Solarium

Rooftop | Size: 10KW | GxB 300W

The Solarium project enabled a homeowner to enjoy an unobstructed view of the outdoors and the blue skies through a glass roof.

Upon completion, this room created a gorgeous, open living space with 12-foot high ceilings bringing the outside in with lots of natural lighting.

The Situation

The homeowner was looking for a highly efficient, high quality, double glass solar panel solution.

An elegant custom-designed solarium with a rustic floor, a bead board back wall, and dual pane low glass all around it, the solarium project warranted great aesthetics.

The Solution

A one-of-a-kind, custom room project, it included a second layer of tempered glass, which was installed below the solar module creating an air channel. The homeowner can now enjoy the great outdoors in both hot and cold weather conditions, since the air vents will prevent the room from getting too hot, as well as direct heat into the room if needed.


Commissioned in Q2 of 2015, the site generated 25MWH since commissioning.


“According to the delighted homeowner, this was the only solar panel capable of meeting the energy production requirements within the constraints of rooftop space.”

Stuart Fox, VP Technical Sales on behalf of the homeowner