Commercial Roof

Commerical Rooftop Application

More Electricity per Area than Conventional Solar Panels

For many retailers and small businesses, electricity expenses are among top operational expenses cutting directly into the company’s profits. Sunpreme’s high efficiency, bi-facial solar panels produce more solar electricity per square foot than any other solar technology. Since roof-top area is a limiting factor on the size of the solar system, Sunpreme’s bi-facial panels generates electricity from both sides of the panel which boosts the solar system’s power by up to 20%. For the best return on investment, installer, owners, and designers choose Sunpreme panels to provide the lowest cost solar energy for their business.

Application Specifics
  • Application: Flat Building Roof-Top
  • Region: All Regions
  • Module Type: GxB-300-310W, 60 Cell
    GxB-350-370W, 72 Cell

  • Patented, bi-facial, solar panels produce up to 20% additional power from backside
  • All-glass design is Class A fire rated and wind rated up to 185mph
  • Frame-less module requires no additional grounding
Energy Advantage

SUNPREME bi-facial panel generates up to 17% more energy yield than conventional (mono-facial) solar modules with improved temperature and backside performance.

Fremont, CA
  • System Size: 80kW
  • Commission Date: July 2014
  • Type: Retail Business

Amstelveen, NLD
  • System Size: 75 kW
  • Commission Date: May 2015
  • Type: Office Building