Features & Benefits

By Design - Rugged, Yet Sleek

Sunpreme modules double glass construction are strong enough to withstand hurricane force winds with superior salt spray and sand erosion, making it rugged enough for environments such as tropics, deserts, and even Antarctica – locations not normally well suited for conventional panels. Yet, with a ultra-thin profile of 4-6mm without a frame or unsightly plastic back sheet, our modules are attractive enough to display in prominent structures like carports, terraces, and residential rooftops.

Setting the Benchmark in Real World Energy Production

Sunpreme panels generates more energy, up to 100% AC output of the DC STC rating vs. 80-85% from a conventional panel. This is achieved with the lowest thermal degradation coefficient, zero light induced degradation, and backside boost. The result is reflected in >10% greater energy yield KWh than what is predicted by PVSyst modelling and the lowest LCOE. In recognition to our panels’ industry leading performance, The Principal Solar Institute awarded Sunpreme 7 out of top 10 spots in their survey of thin film panels.

Certified Reliable, Insurance Backed

Independent testing centers have certified to IEC, UL, and other international standards. In fact, Sunpreme panels exceed 3x industry standards with extended reliability tests such as damp heat cycling for 3000 hours and PID free at 250 hours. Giving further assurance, all panels are backed with a 25 year performance warranty backed by a leading European insurance company, thereby avoiding any concerns with typical company balance-sheet funded warranty claims.

Sunpreme HCT Technology Benchmark A Conventional Diffusion Technology Benchmark B IBC Techology
Panel Output 370W STC
425W w/15% Backside
310W 345W
Construction 72 Cell, Double Glass, Frameless, 4-6mm Thick 72 Cell, Backsheet, Al Frame, 40mm Thick 96 Cell, Backsheet, Al Frame, 43mm Thick
Module Efficiency 22.0% STC w/Backside 16.0% 21.5%
Low Tc Benefit -0.28%/C -0.43%/C -0.30%/C
Specific Production kWh/kWp/year 1806/2167 1707 1794
Fire Class/Wind Ratings Class A/300 kmh Class C/210 kmh Class C/210 kmh
Power Density 191 W/m2
229 W/m2 w/Backside
159 W/m2 212 W/m2
LCOE 4.9¢/KWh
3.4¢/KWh w/Backside
5.3¢/KWh 6.1¢/KWh