Module Engineering

In designing our modules we worked with a clean slate, making choices that were driven by reliability, quality and cost, in that order. A clear differentiation emerged as a result of this approach. It is reflected both in the external looks and a superior attention to detail under the hood.

Key Benefits of our double glass module design

  • More reliable in harsh environments with hermetically sealed solar cells
  • Thin profile, frameless panels are aesthetically pleasing, especially in carport and BIPV applications
  • Lower installation cost due to no module grounding required

Weaknesses inherent in conventional framed/backsheet module design

  • Back sheet is breathable and does not adequately protect solar cells in harsh environments.
  • Organic compounds in backsheet material make it more prone to fire
  • Aluminum frame width is 5x bigger, and opaque back sheet not as aesthetically pleasing
  • Framed modules require module level grounding which increases BOS costs

Sunpreme Commercial installation


Close Up View of Installation