Sunpreme has a powerful product line consisting of Bifacial HCT panels with STC power ratings of 320W, 380W and 510W. Both 320W and 380W panels come with an integrated optimizer option to ensure the benefits of ~15% bifacial boost, enable remote monitoring and shut-off. With the recommended 15º tilt, these frameless modules require little or no cleaning against dust. For distributed power generation from commercial and residential roof tops, these panels provide undisputable competitive benefits. For ground mounted applications, configuring South facing panels at 25-30º tilt with vertically mounted E-W panels, we can generate a 3-peak power profile over a single day – thereby dramatically increasing the energy production without wasteful power clipping.

GxB 500 GxB 380 SM GxB 380 GxB 320 SM GxB 320 GxB 310 SL
500W STC
575W bifacial
380W STC
437W bifacial
380W STC
437W bifacial
320W STC
368W bifacial
320W STC
368W bifacial
310W STC
355W bifacial
19.3% STC
22.2% bifacial
19.5% STC
22.4% bifacial
19.5% STC
22.4% bifacial
19.4% STC
22.3% bifacial
19.4% STC
22.3% bifacial
19.0% STC
22.0% bifacial
1.98m x 1.31m x 6mm 1.98m x 0.99m x 6mm 1.96m x 0.99m x 6mm 1.66m x 0.99m x 6mm 1.66m x 0.99m x 6mm 1.66m x 0.99m x 4.4mm
36.3 kg 27.4 kg 27.3 kg 25.2 kg 25.2 kg 18.0 kg
Ground Mount Residential & Commercial Rooftop, Carport, Ground Mount Residential & Commercial Rooftop, Carport, Ground Mount Residential & Commercial Rooftop, Carport, Ground Mount Residential & Light Commercial Rooftop, Carport Residential & Light Commercial Rooftop, Carport
Wind Ratings
125 mph
Wind Ratings
185 mph
Wind Ratings
185 mph
Wind Ratings
185 mph
Wind Ratings
185 mph
Wind Ratings
150 mph
Double Glass, Frameless, Fire Class A
Datasheet Datasheet Datasheet Datasheet Datasheet Datasheet

Contact us for more information on our Maxima GxB or GX Series Modules.

Product Certification

Certified to UL1703, IEC61646, IEC61730-01, IEC61730-02, IEC61701, and ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 Quality Systems, and MCS. All products are CEC and FSEC listed, and come with the CE mark.


By Design - Rugged, Yet Sleek

Sunpreme modules double glass construction are strong enough to withstand hurricane force winds with superior salt spray and sand erosion, making it rugged enough for environments such as tropics, deserts, and even Antarctica – locations not normally well suited for conventional panels. Yet, with a ultra-thin profile of 4-6mm without a frame or unsightly plastic back sheet, our modules are attractive enough to display in prominent structures like carports, terraces, and residential rooftops.

Setting the Benchmark in Real World Energy Production

Sunpreme panels generates more energy, up to 100% AC output of the DC STC rating vs. 80-85% from a conventional panel. This is achieved with the lowest thermal degradation coefficient, zero light induced degradation, and backside boost. The result is reflected in >10% greater energy yield KWh than what is predicted by PVSyst modelling and the lowest LCOE. In recognition to our panels’ industry leading performance, The Principal Solar Institute awarded Sunpreme 7 out of top 10 spots in their survey of thin film panels.

Certified Reliable, Insurance Backed

Independent testing centers have certified to IEC, UL, and other international standards. In fact, Sunpreme panels exceed 3x industry standards with extended reliability tests such as damp heat cycling for 3000 hours and PID free at 250 hours. Giving further assurance, all panels are backed with a 25 year performance warranty backed by a leading European insurance company, thereby avoiding any concerns with typical company balance-sheet funded warranty claims.

Sunpreme HCT Technology Benchmark A Conventional Diffusion Technology Benchmark B IBC Techology
Panel Output 370W STC
425W w/15% Backside
310W 345W
Construction 72 Cell, Double Glass, Frameless, 4-6mm Thick 72 Cell, Backsheet, Al Frame, 40mm Thick 96 Cell, Backsheet, Al Frame, 43mm Thick
Module Efficiency 22.0% STC w/Backside 16.0% 21.5%
Low Tc Benefit -0.28%/C -0.43%/C -0.30%/C
Specific Production kWh/kWp/year 1806/2167 1707 1794
Fire Class/Wind Ratings Class A/300 kmh Class C/210 kmh Class C/210 kmh
Power Density 191 W/m2
229 W/m2 w/Backside
159 W/m2 212 W/m2
LCOE 4.9¢/KWh
3.4¢/KWh w/Backside
5.3¢/KWh 6.1¢/KWh


In designing our modules we worked with a clean slate, making choices that were driven by reliability, quality and cost, in that order. A clear differentiation emerged as a result of this approach. It is reflected both in the external looks and a superior attention to detail under the hood.

Key Benefits of our double glass module design

  • More reliable in harsh environments with hermetically sealed solar cells
  • Thin profile, frameless panels are aesthetically pleasing, especially in carport and BIPV applications
  • Lower installation cost due to no module grounding required

Weaknesses inherent in conventional framed/backsheet module design

  • Back sheet is breathable and does not adequately protect solar cells in harsh environments.
  • Organic compounds in backsheet material make it more prone to fire
  • Aluminum frame width is 5x bigger, and opaque back sheet not as aesthetically pleasing
  • Framed modules require module level grounding which increases BOS costs

Sunpreme Commercial installation


Close Up View of Installation


Sunpreme's frameless panels are easy to install for any solar project

  • No grounding required between panels and racking system per NEC code
  • Plug and play mounting
  • Simplified alignment

Installation Steps

  1. Select racking system for your installation
  2. Select clamps that are approved by Sunpreme (contact Sunpreme if you have any questions)
  3. Install racking system
  4. Place modules in the clamps
  5. Connect and dress electrical cables (ensure no cables contacting the roof surface)
  6. Tighten module clamps to 72 inch*lbs
  7. Repeat until all modules completed

Installation Manuals

Installation Video


15 Year Product Warranty

  • Repair, Replacement or Refund

25 Year Power Warranty

  • Power Warranty is backed by MunichRE, since 2013
  • Few manufacturers have met the strict qualification criteria
  • From Years 1-5, warrants power output of at least 97.5% of original Minimum Peak Power
  • From Years 6-25, yearly degradation of 0.5%, with power at Year 25 of 87.5% of original Minimum Peak Power
  • Any loss will receive either additional modules, monetary compensation, or Repair/Replacement
  • Download Sunpreme Warranty here

Sunpreme’s performance warranty obligations are insured with a Munich Re Group company, reinsured by Munich Reinsurance Company, a AA-rated reinsurer