Tropical Island Application

More Electricity per Area than Conventional Solar Panels

The cost of electricity on tropical islands is among the highest in the world, exceeding $0.30/kWh in many cases. Sunpreme’s patented, bi-facial panel design produces the most electricity at the lowest costs, well below conventional electricity rates. Operating in some of the harshest wind and rain environments, Sunpreme’s frameless, dual-glass panel design is built to withstand salt-spray on coast area and extreme wind speeds over 185mph during tropical storms. Since area is a premium cost on island locations, Sunpreme panels produce the most electricity per area than conventional panels and are built with durability for tropical island applications.

Application Specifics
  • Application: Ground-Mount and Roof-Top
  • Region: Tropical Islands, Coastal Locations
  • Module Type: GxB-300-310W, 60 Cell

  • Patented, bi-facial, solar panels generates up to 20% additional power from the backside
  • Certified for salt air environments on tropical locations
  • Designed for 185 mph wind speed and Fire Class A
    system rating
Energy Advantage

Sunpreme bi-facial panel generates up to 17% more energy than conventional (mono-facial) solar modules with improved temperature and backside performance.

  • System Size: 114 kW
  • Commission Date: July 2015
  • Type: Ground-Mount

Puerto Rico
  • System Size: 28 kW
  • Commission Date: August 2013
  • Type: Roof-Top