Utility Ground-Mount Application

More Electricity per Area than Conventional Solar Panels

Ground mounted solar projects are being rapidly installed throughout the country in agricultural regions and rural sites.  In these applications, Sunpreme’s bi-facial solar panels produce more electricity per acre of land than any other solar technology.  The patented, bi-facial panel design produces electricity from the front and back of each panel, which increases power up to 20%, and minimizes the effect of poor sunlight conditions.  Even when panels are covered on the front side during a snow storm, Sunpreme panels will continue to produce electricity from reflected and diffuse light hitting the backside of the panel.  Therefore, more investors are choosing Sunpreme module to minimize project risk of weather conditions while maximizing their returns through increased electricity production.

Application Specifics
  • Application: Utility Scale, Ground Mount
  • Region: All Regions
  • Module Type: GxB-350-370W, 72 Cell

  • Patented, bi-facial, solar panels produce up to 20% additional power from backside
  • Reduced system cost with 30% fewer panels and no grounding required on frameless panels
  • All glass construction rated to 5,400 Pa snow load and 185mph wind speed
Energy Advantage

SUNPREME bi-facial panel generates up to 17% more energy yield than conventional (mono-facial) solar modules with improved temperature and backside performance.

Chatham, MA
  • System Size: 1.84 MW
  • Commission Date: August 2014
  • Type: Landfill Site

Barton, VT
  • System Size: 2.6 MW
  • Commission Date: January 2015
  • Type: Open Field